Would you like to volunteer?

We appreciate your decision for a community service.
You could help us in one of the following ways.....
a) evangelize our cause for eternalising tamil heritage in cyberspace
b) give links and publicity
c) join our e-suvadi egroup for in-depth discussion on current issues
d) be a member of our digital-team and start scanning old books, palm-leaves, paintings etc. from your local library or private collections for THF.

just send us an e-mail, we shall discuss further a suitable way for your participation

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-: THF Contirbutors / Volunteers List As of DEC 2001 :-
Count Name Country Contribution Photo
1. Mr.N.D.LogaSundaram (Muthu) Tamil Nadu, India Photos 
2. Mr.Ramanidharan Kandiah New Orleans, U.S.A Photos
3. Mr.Subramaniam Seetharaman Abu Dhabi, UAE Archiving
4. Mr.Venkatesh Rathakrishnan Chennai, India
5. Dr.Naa.Ganesan Texas, U.S.A. Archiving
6. Mr.Jeyatheepan Ulagapiragasam Sri Lanka Evangalism
7. Mr.N.Desikan Chennai, India Art work
8. Dr.A.K.Perumal Aralvaimozhi, Tamilnadu Art work
9. Mr.S.Nambi (Tirugnanakkovai Publishers) Alwar Tirunagari, Tamilnadu Archiving
10. Mr.S.Varadhan Nilakkottai, Tamilnadu Archiving
11. Mr.Muthu Nedumaran (murasu.com) Klang, Malaysia Tamil Dynamic font
12. Dr.K.Kalyanasundaram Lausane, Switzerland Archieving, Management
13. Mr.Siva Pillai London, UK. Archieving
14. Ms.Subashini Kanagasundaram Boeblingen, Germany Webmaster, Archieving, Management
15. Mr.Saravanabavan Kleve, Germany Archiving
16. Mr.Sivalingkam Ramalingkam (Uthayanan) Helsinki, Finland Archiving
17. Dr.Kodumudi Shanmugam Chennai, Tamil Nadu Archiving
18. Mr.S.Kannan (Kaalachuvadu Publications) Nagar Koil, Tamil Nadu Publicity
19. Mr.P.Anandhakrishnan New Delhi, India Field Work
20. Mr.Venkatachari Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu Field Work
21. Dr.N.Kannan Boeblingen, Germany Archiving, Management, Moderation, Field Work, Evangelism