Muthusom Movies

Friends: We at the Tamil Heritage Foundation plan to release short video movies related to Tamil Heritage in the coming days. If you wish to participate in this program, please contact our webmaster. Your productions may have a chance to appear in our Movie Gallery!

  • Siva Tharisanam - Tanjore Periyakoil (Windows- wmv file)
  • Tanjai Periyakoil - Tanjore Periyakoil (Windows -wmv file)
  • Tanjai Periyakoil - Tanjore Periyakoil. (Quicktime Movie - both Mac and Windows)
  • Parthasarathy Koil - Koshti - Parthasarathy Perumal koil at Triplicane, Chennai (Windows - wmv file)
  • Kanu Pongal - Kanu Pongal (Windows - wmv file)
  • Tamil Jainism - Jain life in Tanjore (Windows - wmv file)
  • Slavery in Tamilnadu (Part I) - a film based on palm leaf records of slavery in Tamilnadu (Windows - wmv file)
  • Prof.Dr.U.Ve.Swaminatha Iyer - a film on Swaminatha Iyer's life & works (Windows - wmv file)
  • Very rare palm leaf manuscripts of British Raj on land survey (agricultural) (Windows - wmv file)
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