Travel Diary

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Dear Suvadians: I meet very interesting people in Chennai. A day goes without bringing me such a surprise! Mr.Mohana rangan from Srirangam is a bank employee. An ordent Hindu Vaishnavite, Upaya Vedantee. You ask anything on Vaishnavism, wheather it is 'eedu' or 'mukuntha mala' he knows. He sings Arayar Sevai padalkal as well. I have a concern over the dyeing art of Arayar Sevai started by Natha Munikal in 9th century. Rangan gave me a very different picture. He told me that Arayar Sevai thrives in Srirangam. A happy news indeed. Apart from this Rangan (or Mohan?) is a great devotee of Barathi and his Ganaputhran 'Thirlog Seetharam". He recited poems from Seetharam for nearly 2 hours without stop! Seetharam edited a Tamil Literary Magazine called Shivaji. Seetharam's editorial reveals the interesting history of Tamilnadu from the time of independence to the upsurge of Dravida Kazakams. He told me if a project is drawn, he could get us nearly 2000 pages of Seetharams editorial!! Seetharam has been forgotten after Barathidasan. I am amazed that people like Mohanarangan who fondly cheerish the work of Trilog Seetharam is really encouraging that Tamil history will not perish that easily. Prof.V.C.Kulandaisamy is the receipient of Padmabushan and Prof.M.Ananda krishnan -Padmasri. I congratulated them on behalf of esuvadians. Prof.V.C.K is keen that we help U.Ve.Sa library. He told me that U.Ve.Sa library is not a mere library, instead it is the residence of Swaraswati. We need to step in with the feeling of reverence. I'm going for a second round of talks with Mr.Venkatakrishnan in Feb. In a new development, I've been invited to join an eminent group of Tamil scholars heading for Delhi for a two day conference on the need of translation of Tamil works in other Indian languages. (incidently, a collection of my poems will be translated into Bengali soon). So, I will be off from Chennai Jan.30-Feb.5. I shall write my experience in the forth coming diaries. anpuTan Kannan ps: did you notice our recent updates? Fellow Suvadian Mr.Logasundaram has picked up a page of the earliest known printed book in Tamil. I thank him for his continued support. Be proud be a 'marapu anil'