Travel Diary

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Dr.Rama Ilango, International Institute of Tamil Studies called me one day wheather I could explain THF to his team - that was Dr.Baghavati, Dr.Lawrence and Dr.Kodumudi Shanmugam. Joined them was Ms.Padmavati, an archeologist from the neibouring Dept. of Archeology. We had a lovely discussion. Dr.Lawrence and Bhagavathi were enthusiastic about their ambitious 'catalogue project' that the later presented at TI 2001. They want to catalogue systematically all the available books on every subject in Tamil. Kalyan who spoke of 'catalogueing the catalogue' would be interested in such a project. Suvadians could help them in pointing possible funding sources for such a project. I suggested them that if they could help me in identifying suvadis from their library related to science - which they agreed. Ms.Padmavati a practising archelogist, with a bicycle (Indiana Jones!!) fascinated me the most. She is practical, vibrant and enthusiastic. She has agreed to show me some rare 'kalvettu' in temples around that I could film. She reads tamil from every era with ease. She deciphered with joy the riddle we posed in our THF website on brahmi scripts!! Anybody would love to work with her. She seems to be a good teacher as well. (check the photos for a view). The book Anto Peter carried along during the conversation attracted me and I requested him to give me a digital copy (for which he agreed graciously)- that was 'Chitra Barathi' an old book on Barathi. Ţ��� ���� ����� �ç��? �����μ� �ȢӸ� ���� :-) ��Ҽ� kannan