Travel Diary

To: "Min Nuul" From: "Kannan" Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 09:49:53 +0100 Subject: [e-suvadi] Travel Diary 25.01.0 Reply-to: [email protected]
Dear Suvadians: Narasiah, a tamil writer and a fellow suvadian took me to meet Theodor Baskaran, the ex-director of Roja Muthiah Library. We had a lovely discussion. I requested his wife who is Principal of a local college to introduce Project Madurai to their students. Mr.Baskaran has organised a special tour of the library on Monday! Kannan week ends? no :-) I found Mohanarangan a native of Srirangam at Satchi's place. He is an authority on Vaishnava Literature. He has consented to give a special recording of Arayar Sevai (audio only) to THF. We meet tomorrow for a discussion