Travel Diary

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§! զĢ š Ȩ. ¡ ¡. ¢ ͨ. 째 ɡ Ȣ󧾡. á, Չ ̨ 15 Ţ ĸ ǡ- Ţ. Ǣ ¢. (ħ â¡ ). ţ â ĸ š ĢŢ ̧ . 墨 Êž . . Ŧȡ ' ' . ¢Ģ ǡ 츢ȡ. ɣ Ţ ¢츢ȡ. Ǣ / Ĩ żġ Ȣ. ĺ ټ , Ũ Ҩ . .츢â Ȣ ɧ ȢӸ 츢ȡ. ɧ . .Չ ȡ Ţ¢ Ǣ . . Ţ ú . ġ, þ, þ ŢǢ . þ Ȣ â, Ӿ â . ؾ ʾ . 19 ȡ ̨ 600 . 15,000 . 10,000 . Ţ, , . ɡ ¢ Êž š ¢. á ¡ ĸ â ȡ Ţ Ƹ 츢. DDT š . ȡ, Ǣ . (¢ ĸ/ и ). ¢ Ǣ 즸վ . â¡Ţ . Like most private libraries, due to lack of funds cataloguing is quite poor. We have a Sairam in U.Ve.Sa library and Krishnamurthi at Gnanaalayam. They know books at their finger tips. Sairam is an attender and Krishnamurthi is the owner. But still, the libraries run because of them. This old fashioned way should change. Mr.Krishnamurthi has employed a girl and provided her a computer. Roja Muthiya Library has offered help in cataloguing. We could help Krishnamurthi in many ways to preserve this one family show! 1) Offer more computers and volunteers 2) Suggest funding agencies that support such private initiative 3) Digitize the books This is an ideal place for PM volunteers. They could take their laptops and key-in rare books in an idealistic environment. Pollution free, noise free. I spoke to Mrs./Mr. Krishnamurthi for possible collaboration. He is willing to place his library in the web if we help him out. It certainly needs equipments such as Minolta scanner (IISc.) or a good digital camera with necessary additions. Many old books are very brittle and will be lost for ever if we press them against scanner or Xerox machines. Your valuable suggestions are most welcome.