Travel Diary

To: "Min Nuul" From: "Kannan" | Block Address | Add to Address Book Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:40:01 +0100 Subject: [e-suvadi] Travel Diary 17.01.0 Reply-to: [email protected]
Dear Suvadians: My Chennai days are getting interesting! Visiting Madras Book Fair got me few interesting contacts that could be of use to THF. It seems Silpi's paintings are kept by his disciple and to my surprise I was informed that most of his paintings are really huge - in big canvas!! I will inform you more on this when I visit his studio. I met a man who is waiting for years to publish a verbatim translation of Sanskrit Mahabaratha in Tamil - a 6000 pages odessy! He told me that he would show me some of his old collections! Finally, through Era.Murugan I got the contact of Nagore Rumi the relative of Siddhi Junetha Begam - the first Muslim novelist. I may get some of her early 20th century works. I have digitized the 'Kuthirai Lavani' an early Singaporean literature given to us by Dr.S.Thinnappan. This ebook will appear soon in our website! Kamaladevi has given me few rare tamil works of 16-17 century. Will appear in the course of time. I had the opportunity to visit Prof.Krishnamurthi, the producer of first commercial Tamil OCR. His sw worked flawlessly in Windows 95&98. Unfortunately my Laptop has Win XP! We are working ways to get the SW work in my machine. This is a welcome arrival to tamil computing! I met today members of KaniTamilSangam (KTS) at M/S Palaniappa Brothers office. We discussed nearly for two hours on various issues facing THF establishment in India and abroad. You will hear about the details in a later communication from me. Mr.Chellappan a rare Macintosh user among the Windows world impressed me with his recent word processor/text converters for Macintosh computer. Mr.Manoj Annadurai of Chennai Kavikal has come out with one more innovative image/text interface that converts handwriting into e-text!! A welcome arrival for many old fashioned writers who believe in writing rather than keying-in! He has given rebirth (punar jenmam) to handwriting!! (no keyboards please :-) Mr.Pakkirisamy, as promised in this list came with a rare book of early 20th century. Mr.Elangovan of Cadgraf Digitals has agreed to digitize that book for THF. I am overwhelmed by the warmth of the KTS members. Special thanks to Mr.Chellappan for organising this meet at his premise. More to come..... anpuTan Kannan