Travel Diary

To: [email protected] From: "naakannan" | Block Address | Add to Address Book Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 06:59:41 -0000 Subject: [e-suvadi] I am in Chennai Reply-to: [email protected]
Dear Chennai friends: After a hectic week in Malaysia-Singapore, I am in Chennai at last! The very severe winter in Europe, the rainy season in Singapore/Malaysia and the realtively cold winter in Chennai have affected my health. I am at home with medication. Kindly bear with me for a day or two till I call you all. Inspite of my illness, I made it a point not to miss any chance that promotes THF interest. I did evalengelise THF at Sinapore TVs (though I have not seen any TV reley) I got a comprehensive book about Singaporean writers, that will be added soon to collection. I've requested my Malaysian friends for such collections. Dr.Thinnappan and writer Kamaladevi were kind enough to contribute manuscripts to THF. I thank them for their interest and time. Of all the odds, I have an interview for an European TV TTN at Madras on arrival. It seems TV people like me when I get severe cold as it increases my base voice :-)) I do need some technical help in Chennai and I reley on Tamil KaNNani Sankam for that. My mobile did not work so far!! Sorry about it. I will get a new chip for Indian mobile (TN roaming) and inform you the number. With all warm regards, Kannan ps. I have not read any messages so far and kindly pardon me for that. I could breath only now, that too, only after my cold vanishes!!