Travel Diary

To: "Min Nuul" From: "Kannan" Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 03:49:36 +0100 Subject: [e-suvadi] Travel Diary 07.02.0 Reply-to: [email protected]
Dear Suvadians: Malan is a multi talented person. A popular tamil writer, editor, TV commentator, Poet and currently Sun (Network) News editor. He is an avid reader as well. His anthologies of modern tamil writings is well known. He has read my short stories and asked me to compile my short stories that resulted in my first book. I plan to bring two more books this year. He recollected one of my short stories on Tamil Iniayak kaathal (kathalenum colaiyilee) when we met in Sun TV studio. He organised a dialogue with Mr.Anto Peter, a fellow suvadian, e-zine editor, secretary Kani tamil sangam and Prof.Krishnamurti, creator of 'Ponvizhi' OCR in order to review the developments in Tamil IT after Tamil Inaiyam 1999. Anto Peter covered hardware, software developments, Krishnamurti covered OCR development and I was asked to cover digital archieving. Since the time frame was only 25 minutes we could not do much justification to our respective topics. Infact I have so much to talk! Moreover, the viewership of this particular program is general public and so we could at the least generate curiocity and awakening to Tamil computing. I had time only for covering Project Madurai and not on Tamil Heritage Foundation. In my feeling the OCR was covered well. We need more such programmes to go in depth on various issues facing Tamil computing. The telecast timing will be announced in esuvadi in the coming days once we receive the information from Mr.Malan. anpuTan Kannan