Adopt a Book!

There are thousands of Tamil books without reprint, instead, eaten away by insects and worms. Are you bothered? Tamil Heritage Foundation can help you to preserve these books. We shall digitize these books and save them eternally in electronic media for public use on demand. So...why wait? Adopt a book.

To scan a book of 100 pages cost only US$ 20!, instead if you want to save the book in ´┐Żelectronic text (e-Text), it costs only US$ 25. We have a long list of Tamil books published from 18th to early 20th Century to choose. The size varies from 10 pages to 25,000 pages!

Tamil Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with an aim to preserve old books and palm leaf manuscripts. Visit our website at .

If you are interested please fill the form with your donation. We shall preserve the book for you with full detail of your contribution etched in history. Why wait?

Note: download the form in Microsoft Word document or in pdf format