1. Age of Sangam

2. Sangam and Madurai

3. Literature

4. Films on Silapathigaram

5. Kongunadu and sangam

6. An essay on Sangam education

7. Tamil Isai

8. Korkai, a sangam port

9. Kerala and Sangam

10.Classical dance in Tamilnadu

11.Pongal 2000 Indo-German Project

12.Classical Tamil music

13.Classical Tamil music(2)

14.Cuneiform Digital Initiative



17. 'Earliest writing' found - BBC report on Indus script

18.On the origin of the early Indian scripts: A Review Article by Richard Salomon, University of Washington

19.Indus Script and Telugu

20.The development of scripts in India

21.The Decipherment of Harappan Writing

22. Table of Indian Scripts

23.The Indus Script - Mahadevan Interview

24.Asko Parpola debunks Vedic Indus Theory

25.The Indus Script - Asko Parpola

26.Orality to literacy: Transition in Early Tamil Society - Iravadam Mahadevan

Hypothetical evolution of Tamil script - schematic pictures

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